ICOM will be again hosting the annual D-Star QSO Party on September 18-20th this year. It will start at 00:00 UTC and end 24:00 UTC so will run from Friday morning across Australia through to Monday morning Australia time. That’s 8am on the West Coast and 10am on the East Coast for start/end times on Friday/Monday.

All logs are due by October 20th and results will be out by 20th November.

You can see full details at: http://www.icom.co.jp/world/dqp/

Thanks Theo Kalkandis, VK3AP, of Icom Australia for the update.

Waratah Swinton VK4BQ advises the following:

We have a few users wondering what reflectors we listen on around the central QLD region. REF003c and DCS14b have both been down in recent times we wish to advertise our linking preference list.

1st choice DCS014B (DTMF D14B)
2nd choice DCS028B (DTMF D28B)
3rd choice XRF740A (DTMF B740A) / also adhoc via UR call STN389A
4th choice REF003C (DTMF *3C) – last choice as performance of this reflector is well below performance expectations

This list applies to VK4RBY Mackay, VK4RUS Sarina and VK4RBD Blackdowns Tableland.

Adrian VK4TUX wrote in to advise details about VK4RTQ located at the Vertel Site, New Englad in Toowoomba QLD. This DStar repeater runs on a Raspberry PI2, standard details are at http://www.dstar.org.au/vk4/vk4rtq/

The VK3RWN B  70cm UHF D-Star Repeater is set to be re-installed tomorrow on May 8th.   The repeater has been repaired by Icom Australia and will be re-installed by the Victorian D-Star Users Group  repeater manager Steve Reining VK3UJ. Steve reported that the faults repaired were heat related, a few dry joints etc  Steve said while VK3RWN C is the more popular repeater with locals, VK3RWN B was host to many popular nets that are programmed  to connect. For example the Sunday Night REF 1C net, ran by Connie KB0ZSG, this runs for hours on late Monday morning, and very popular with Hams all over Australia. Steve spoke to me tonight by phone,  saying he has bench checked the receiver  …and its hot…hearing data at  -127db. The transmitter is outputting 25 watts at 438.300  It will be interesting to see how it runs tomorrow night after installation   Why not tune to VK3RWN B and check it out.

The Victorian D-Star Users Group would like to thank Icom Australia, Bob Rogers of JRD Communications & Steve Reining of Westcomm for their assistance to the Victorian D-Star Users Group.

ID-RP 4000 U 70cm D-Star Repeater

ID-RP 4000 U 70cm D-Star Repeater

IMG_0203A group of D-Star enthusiasts in Gippsland are forging the way ahead with D-Star and its becoming a reality for Amateur Radio operators in the Latrobe Valley Victoria

Brian VK3BBB,  Barry  VK3BDG and Gordon VK3NUG have been running hotspots in Morwell, Traralgon and Rosedale , with next step an elevated hotspot.

The boys have been looking for real estate to install the  hotspot that will service the Latrobe Valley

The big news is that  I have been informed that a D-Star Hotspot was installed at an elevated location looking over the valley recently

The Callsign is  VK3BBB B     Frequency is 438.9oo Mhz     No Offset

The hotspot has a permalink to Reflector 30C  (REF030C) for those with DVAPs,  Dongles, and other D-Star Homebrew systems

This will enable Hams from all over the world to drop in chat to Gippsland Hams and vice a versa…its all fun on D-Star

If you’re travelling and / or staying in the Latrobe  Valley  please send your location, and signal report in to us at the website

by emailing Peter    vk3tq@bigpond.com and we will forward them on

We will keep you updated with the progress in the Valley  Good Luck Fella’s and thanks for your work