Australian D-STAR Repeater Linking User Guide Version 1.1 Guidelines for operating through
Australian D-Star Repeaters
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Latest News:

22nd March, 2014

VK2RBV Added:

Anty Mitchell, VK2RM emailed in to advise details of VK2RBV. Check the NSW sidebar link for details.

24th September, 2013

VK5RWN Port C frequency changes:

VK5RWN Port C (2 metres) has had its frequencies changed as of Monday 23 September 2013.

The new Repeater frequencies are,

  • Repeater Tx 147.0375 MHz
  • Repeater Rx 147.6375 MHz, (+ 600kHz shift)
The frequency change has been brought about due to adjacent channel interference from the VK5RLH 2m repeater at Lochiel causing problems for some users mobiles and portables. These frequency changes are temporary whilst the impact of the changes are evaluated. If it works out OK, then AREG will apply for permanent changes and fix the frequencies.

Feedback will be appreciated, to

14th July, 2013

D-Star QSO Party:

Coming up in September is the ICOM D-Star QSO Party!
This year's global event will take place over three days starting Friday, September 20 (00:00 UTC) to Sunday, September 22 (24:00 UTC). Official rules and party details for the D-STAR QSO Party 2013 will be available at a later date and posted to Icom America's website.

29th November, 2012

D-Star News:

VK3RWN - Gateway back online after hard drive replacements and system rebuild. Ongoing user registration issues under investigation.

6th October, 2012

D-Star News:

Recently published Introduction to the IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF & ID-51A/E radios by Icom UK

30 August, 2012

Repeater update and D-Star News:

VK4RPH - This system is working ok
VK4RCN - This system is working ok

Prototype Icom ID-51A/E Dual band D-Star handheld shown at Tokyo Ham Fair
Icom IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF all mode touch-screen with D-Star DV mode.

Repeaters are increasingly becoming ircDDB enabled, an FAQ has been added too about ircDDB The ircDDB website is at

Coming up in September is the ICOM D-Star QSO Party! Prizes include New ID-51A/E handhelds!

Recently published Icom D-Star Gateway Registration guide YouTube video