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Scott, VK7HSE has let us know about repeater updates for Tasmania

These now are the current D-Star Repeaters running in Tassie

146.96250 -1.6 MHz Hobart, Lenah Valley. VK7RCR (Southern Tasmania)
438.46250 -7 MHz Launceston, Mt Arthur. VK7RJG (Northern Tasmania)
438.67500 -7 MHz Hobart, Queens Domain. VK7RAD (Southern Tasmania)
438.70000 -7 MHz Wynyard, Table Cape. VK7RAC (North-West Tasmania)

VK7RRR at Richmond has been decommisioned.

Please adjust your repeater list on your radios, GPS data can be found on the ACMA RRL Database

For those who didn’t know, there is a second reflector in Australia. Reflector 91 Module C is based in Hobart Tasmania and gaining more popularity every month’. The reflector is well used and doing something different. On Wednesday night there is Amateur Radio Newsline then 91C magazine by Ian VK3JS followed by the 91C net. The fun starts at 19:30 EAST on Wednesday nights Congrats to the 91C broadcast team, Clayton VK7ZCR, Ross VK7WP, Ian VK3JS & Phil VK3PG

Hi everyone, D-Star is going well with interest winding up for many reasons. I’d just like to say a big thanks to Waratah for his work on this site. Waratah is back, new VK4 callsign and all ….. Welcome back your great contributions have been sorely missed.

Recently and over the last couple of years I have caught up with Steve Wood VK4SM and its great to see the D-Star work that has been acheived in Central Queensland. I was up again only a few months ago and there are some great multi mode systems , particularily Mt Archer in Rockhampton, works really well on D-Star and DMR and the site on the mountain, simply stunning.

Does anyone have any news, articles or photos for the site, whats your favorite D-star setup , best contact ( must be photo on screen) for the site,

If your into facebook, check out Australian D-Star Users A great new site

Please send any correspondence to petervk3tq(no spam)
See you next week
Pete VK3TQ / VK2LD

Another major upgrade at VK3RWN Mt Dandenong was completed by Richard Hoskin VK3JFK and Peter Willmott VK3TQ. The new Centos OS was installed by Richard VK3JFK , followed by G3 Gateway software. This was done seamlessly and no database reset was required and all registered users saw no change to their usual day to day usage . The G3 Gateway software combined with the new updated and powerful version of Centos will host many new features of the gateway software.  A new upgrade that will be released soon will see the introduction of Icom’s new Terminal and Access Point mode, on the 4100 and ID 51 Plus two Hand Held   As news comes to hand we will notify users of more features that are to be released

Peter modified and installed a new UPS for VK3RWN the UPS will hold power for 30 minutes and then start of shutdown sequence for the repeater in the unlikely event of loss of power. The UPS is connected to the rack server by USB for communications. The existing modem was changed for a commercial ADSL 2 modem. Performance was slightly enhanced but still we await for the NBN.


map_of_tasmaniaThe north west coast of Tasmania is set to receive D-Star in the coming weeks. Aaron, VK7AGR has an Icom 70cm repeater and G2/3 gateway on test and is destined for Installation at Table Cape in the town of Wynyard. Final preparations are underway consisting of antennas and a 5.8GHz link to provide NBN internet to the gateway.

The repeaters callsign is VK7RAC and is licensed to operate on 438.700MHz, -7MHz split.   This repeater will be a welcome addition to Tasmania’s D-Star repeaters with VK7RCR in the Lenah Valley serving the south and VK7RAC serving the North, as well as connecting Tasmania to the mainland and the World Wide D-Star community.

img_0723News from Clayton Reading VK7ZCR.
Last month’s Miena Hamfest in the Central Highlands of Tasmania was a great success. Clayton setup a D-Star table and the interest was solid all day. 150 Keen Amateur Radio Operators attended the hamfest. Clayton was assisted by Ken Sulman VK7DY. They had D-Star on air via a DVAP system, They had equipment on show and played D-Star information Videos for eager customers. Well Done guys !
P.S. Clayton is the admin of VK7RCR, a D-Star repeater that runs near Hobart in the Lenah Valley