Mt Archer DSTAR repeater site in Rockhampton

Mt Archer DSTAR repeater site in Rockhampton

Big welcome to Rockhampton DSTAR users

The Rockhampton DSTAR repeater is now fully operational. The installation work has been completed on Mt Archer this morning to rearrange the rack space and fit the new equipment. The antenna installed is a single side mount dipole. Reports are that the repeater is working well and gives good coverage to amateur radio operators in the Rocky area. The system was tested by Lawrie VK4YN at the Gladstone Marina about 90km away with good signal reports. This new digital setup includes a 70cm DSTAR repeater linked to DCS028Q as well as a new APRS modem. This is a great achievement for the RADAR club and marks the successful completion of a project that was started some time ago. The system has been put together by volunteers and showcases the great work that can be done to make our hobby more interesting. The platform has been build using Tait TM8110 radios, DVRPTRv1 modem and Microsat WX3in1 APRS modem. Some of the features of this home brew system include:

  1. remote access to the equipment using the internet
  2. temperature of transmitter radio shown at APRS.fi
  3. temperature of the enclosure (building temp)
  4. site supply voltage
  5. temperature controlled cooling fan
  6. AC mains supply fail alarm by email
  7. door open alarm by email
  8. SMS messages can power cycle the Raspberry Pi or WX3in1 modem
  9. mountain top receive only iGate for APRS
  10. if all else fails, selcall activated 12 volt bus reset relay

The frequency is 438.350MHz -7MHz offset RPT1 VK4RMA B RPT2 VK4RMA G

Dashboard vk4rma.dyndns.org:82

APRS data https://aprs.fi/telemetry/a/VK4RAR-3?range=day



Mt Acher Antennas

Sarina-North-VK4RSA mmdvm_vk4rsa

DSTAR Port B added to Multimode Odroid

The Mackay area in Queensland now has another 70cm DSTAR repeater commissioned today. This is a DVRPTRv1 running off the same Odroid that powers our 2m multimode repeater. Climbing work was completed by Lawrie VK4YN with a new 2m RFI Collinear antenna installed together with a 70cm dipole for the port B DSTAR. We also installed CCTV for weather watching and carried out other minor repairs to our site.
438.275 -5.4
rpt1 VK4RSA B
rpt2 VK4RSA G
Dashboard http://jordancreek.dyndns.org:82/
vk4rsa-portB-radios VK4RSA Rack


The town of Gladstone in Queensland now has DSTAR coverage thanks to Rob VK4TW. Rob is hosting a 2m hotspot from his elevated location for local uses. Coverage includes Gladstone town, Sun Valley and Kin Kora. The setup is using a DVRPTRv1 modem, Motorola GM300 radio and is linked to DCS028 Q.




Rocky prepares for new DSTAR repeater


The Mt Archer repeater site in Rockhampton will soon be home to a new homebrew DSTAR repeater. The repeater is currently being bench tested and undergoing final checks. We are planning to install the gear during a working bee on the last weekend of July. The system also features a new internet enabled APRS modem and site monitoring using telemetry data. Multiple reset capabilities have been designed into the system to limit the requirement to visit site if a reset is required. Internet access is provided by a 3G modem with a plan in place to get the microwave link going before the end of the year.

VK4RMA 438.350MHz




Blackdown Tablelands DSTAR repeater gets new hut

The DSTAR repeater at Blackdown Tableland has been relocated into a new site hut. This is a great waterproof home for all the gear plus room to spare. The VK4RBD DSTAR repeater is located at 940m above sea level and provides coverage to a large area between Rockhampton and Emerald in Central Queensland
147.6375MHz -600KHz VK4RBD C
VK4RBD-tower VK4RBD-view


Australia’s Highest DSTAR Repeater is now operational

439.300MHz -5MHz VK4RBM B

The Blue Mountain repeater site is without any doubt Central
Queensland’s best amateur radio repeater location. Surrounded by
thick tropical rainforest slopes and standing at 1040m, this truly is
a remarkable site.

Having such a picturesque, high elevation site does not come without other
challenges, the main one being access. The answer
is the help of a Jet Ranger helicopter and some superb piloting skills.
Once the weather cleared, we jumped into the chopper and cruised up to
the site. As we approached the site, the tower could be seen poking out above
the thick rainforest. The landing site is a small rocky area with

a tiny patch of grass. As we started to land, the view disappeared and we were
surrounded by trees, then we touched down, unloaded the gear, and the
chopper departed.
We had a short time on site to install the new DSTAR,
APRS, 3G modem and solar regulator. The work was completed in
record time, and the chopper came and picked us up before the clouds
rolled back in.
vk4rbm-tower2-final 20170609_084012

Blue Mountain Site

Our antennas

Our antennas


Check out VK4RBM-3 on aprs.fi