All posts for the month April, 2015

Jeremy VK2MJM advises that VK2RDS has been replaced with VK2RMP C using the same frequency as VK2RDS C port.
The VK2RMP gateway is now set up and registered on both the USTrust and IRCDDB networks. It also has the g2_link (FreeStar) linking software to allow it to link with DPlus, DExtra, and DCS reflectors.
The dashboard is reachable here:

Waratah VK4BQ advises that the VK4RBD Blackdowns Tableland Repeater is due to be installed tomorrow.¬† It’s a home brew setup using Tait TB8100, DVRPTR-V1 Modem and Raspberry Pi 2. This will be Queenslands most inland dstar repeater. Coverage is expected from Rockhampton through to the inland town of Emerald. Listen out on DCS014B for calls using VK4RBD Blackdown Tablelands.