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Waratah VK4BQ advises that the VK4RBD Blackdowns Tableland Repeater is due to be installed tomorrow.  It’s a home brew setup using Tait TB8100, DVRPTR-V1 Modem and Raspberry Pi 2. This will be Queenslands most inland dstar repeater. Coverage is expected from Rockhampton through to the inland town of Emerald. Listen out on DCS014B for calls using VK4RBD Blackdown Tablelands.


Waratah advised that yesterday they installed all the new antennas and feeders at VK4RBY Mackay. The site is now fully functional with great coverage reports. Some Photos below.

They also installed a 23cm antenna with the hope to add dstar on 23cm some time this year.

VK4RBY is a worlds first as we have combined an Icom RP2C, Icom 2m repeater together with a Tait DSTAR repeater. All this runs off a raspberry pi running the VK4TUX minimal image. Internet access by a 3g modem.

Some news from Waratah Swinston VK4BQ

VK4RBY is running under test 146.650MHz dashboard

VK4RUS Sarina DSTAR radio site commissioned 438.450MHz -5MHz. Home
brew dstar repeater using tait radios, raspberry pi 2, DVRPTRv1 modem
and VK4TUX minimal image. See for location info & also dashboard

vk4rus12 vk4rus11 vk4rus10 vk4rus9

Coming soon a DSTAR repeater on Blackdown Tableland west of Rockhampton near the mining town of Blackwater VK4RBD 146.6375MHz. This is also a home brew repeater using tait gear and an RF gateway

Koumala Hotspot VK4MKY 145.1125MHz south of Sarina

North Mackay Hotspot VK4DW 145.1375MHz with dashboard

Gympie Hotspot VK4GYM 145.150MHz located at the Gympie radio club coverage of the Gympie township, connected to REF3C

VK4RBX Ipswich has been offline for some time. Now its back online and using the VK4TUX minimal image

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Welcome to the new website.  Several hours over the course of February and March were spent putting the content into this new site.  All repeater administrators were notified and requested to advise of any data updates and a few small amendments resulted.  Hopefully now content will be more fluid and dynamic.  Historical data was brought across so there are blog posts dating back to the early days of when the website was first established.

There was a period between July 2014 through to March 2015 where the website was not accessible so it was not maintained and no news updates were available.  Now with this situation rectified we moved quickly to get this new website built up and brought online and some of the missing news has been added.

I hope you find this new website format straight forward to use.

Dave, VK3LDR (