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VK5RWN Status Update

VK5RWN suffered the failure of its solid state hard drive (SSHD) on the 9th April 2014 (actually got 5 years continuous operation out of this SSHD). Fortunately the failure was noticed the same day and the SSHD was replaced with a cloned copy and service restored with VK5RWN fully operational. However, unfortunately, the cloned copy was old, 6/8/2012, and a number of registrations on the VK5RWN server were lost, though these members, orphaned from VK5RWN, were still registered on the root server and still could use the DSTAR system. 

Sunday 22nd June 2014, maintenance was carried out on the VK5RWN server and all orphaned registrations were added back on the VK5RWN system and the SSHD backed up again. Programs are being implemented to maintain the currency of the backups. 

VK5RWN and all ports are fully operational and available for use by all interested DSTAR users.

  • VK5RWN – OK!

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