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During the holidays the Black Mountain repeater site upgrade was completed. This included a replacement of the home brew 70cm repeater with a new “Swinton Standard” repeater chassis. A home brew multimode 2m repeater has been introduced to this site to provide overlapping coverage together with 2m VK4RSA Sarina multimode to the south. The new repeater controller houses the powerful Odroid SBC which uses an ocotacore processor. The 2m radio shelf interfaces to the mmdvm modem and the 70cm shelf interfaces to the DSTAR DVRPTRv1 board and both modems hang off the Odroid single board computer. The site has also been upgraded with remote monitored CCTV and intruder alarm system.

Please try the new multimode 2m repeater 146.650MHz -600KHz (P25, DMR and DSTAR)

Multimode repeater controller has two modems and Odroid single board computer

DSTAR available in Bowen QLD

Mick, VK4CMW in Bowen has completed his D-Star Hotspot that will service the Bowen and surrounding area. The hotspot is using DVRPTR v1 modem, Raspberry Pi3 and Motorola M120 Radio into a home brew J-Pole antenna at 15m.

The hotspot frequency is 145.725